Alvoran: Land of a Thousand Kings is a D&D campaign that takes place in a time and place reminiscent of the British Isles at the time of the end of the Roman occupation. The Legions have left and the Alvorani (Celtic), Aureleans (Roman) and Alvoreans (Briton) all vie for control of the Isles as civilization crumbles under the weight of the coming Dark Ages.

While not strictly a Historical Fantasy campaign – after all, its full of elves and dwarves and dragons and giants – much of the world building inspiration comes from the actual history and legend of Post-Roman Briton. History is thrown out in favor of exciting adventure and/or gameplay, however, so don’t expect too much fidelity to fact.

Despite the use of D&D 3.5, it is an “old school” campaign, with deadly dungeons and fabulous treasures and an “open world” design.